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it's the journey... not the destination that counts...
AND how I am loving the journey! - 2011 and beyond

Svend’s musical roots are firmly grounded in his family’s great interest in music when he was young. Growing up in the 70’s, his family always had music playing, with great music of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Herb Albert and many more spinning on the turntable, radio and reel-to-reel. In addition to that, his Dad was a great musician on guitar, vocals and harmonica. “My Dad was always playing guitar for us and his playing was incredible. My Dad's heroes were the great country players like Chet Akins and Les Paul." His Mom loved listening to music and always has great stuff playing in her house like Eric Clapton, Enya, Sting, The Beatles and much more.” Svend did a lot of traveling over the years which exposed him to many different styles of music.

When Svend got into high school, music was an integral part of his life. From listening to the best in rock, blues, jazz and classical to knowing everything about stereo equipment, to listening to the great new England bands. “I worked in night clubs starting at age 16 and loved listening to all the great live bands that circulated the New England music circuit. Back in those days, the bigger bands had roadies, lighting experts, and sound guys!”

After graduating from high school, Svend enrolled at Vermont Technical College, where he got a degree in Electrical Engineering. (note that his other option was to go to the Rhode Island Institute of Design! Interesting that life would bring Svend back to owning a very successful graphic and web design business - Svend Design, started in 1993.) At VTC, Svend could learn more about the inner workings of sound equipment, acoustics, electronics and musical instruments and the coming of digital instruments and computer audio recording. “I remember one of my class projects was designing a synthesizer (a digital keyboard instrument); it was crude, but it was so cool to create my own electronic musical instrument and it actually worked!” Also during this time, Svend went on a field trip to a local recording studio called “SunTreader“. It was this incredible recording studio out in the middle of nowhere in the back hills of Vermont that would expose Svend to the other side of the music business, recording the bands vs. the listening side. Foghat and Arlo Guthrie recorded very successful albums there. “That field trip was instrumental  to my future music interests! It also illustrated my future strength in making things happen for myself . In this case, I brought my own car so I could stay after the others had left, giving me a chance to talk to the top engineer there!)" Svend talked his way into getting an apprenticeship at “Suntreader“, which gave him a great head start in the world of the professional music industry.

After graduating from Vermont Tech, Svend was at a crossroads in his life on where to live and begin work. An old family friend from the 60's (Dave Chestnut) offered Svend a room to rent in Wilder, Vermont. This area was near Dartmouth College and a small high technology area. This seemed like a great place to live... centrally located in New England and a great vibrant local economy.

Svend quickly got a job as a bartender at a local place that had great live bands, and also "stepped" into a great job opportunity. One day Svend was checking out some of the local stereo shops, and at one of them, an employee was struggling to put together some high-end speakers. Svend, being an outgoing, friendly type, offered his assistance. The owner of the store overheard this, and came over and said "you're fired... and Svend, you're hired" - sounds bizarre, but very true... So, this was a great fit for Svend, who loved stereo equipment, music and technology.

Many have said Svend's style is much like Ryan Farish

more soon....

That's a bit about Svend. There is much more to tell, but it is hard to get Svend to talk about his life... he is too busy loving it & living it!

by JJ Jagger ^..^...../


Svend's Musical Influences by JJ Jagger:

Aerosmith - major influence!
Alan Parsons - major influence!
Allman Brothers
Beatles - major influence!
Bad Company
Bee Gees
Billy Joel
Blue Oyster Cult
Bob Seger
Bob Dylan
CSNY - major influence!
Dan Fogelberg
Doobie Brothers
Duran Duran
Elton John
Emerson Lake and Palmer - major influence!
Fleetwood Mac
Genesis - major influence!
Gary Wright: Dreamweaver - major influence!
James Bond Music
Jethro Tull
Jeff Beck
Led Zep
Loggins and Messina
Neil Young
Pat Metheny
Pat Travers
Peter Frampton
Peter Gabriel - major influence!
Pink Floyd
Robin Trower
Roxy Music - major influence!
Ryan Farish
Steely Dan - major influence!
Steve Miller
Stevie Wonder - major influence!
Supertramp - major influence!
The Moody Blues
Van Halen
Yes - major influence!
ZZ Top

... and all the classics like mozart, mozart, beethoven, vivaldi, chopin, dvorak, bach, grieg, and tchaikovsky AND many others too numerous to list...


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