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the future...

I am concerned! ...about our planet... and the global warming and the rapid depletion of our resources. These are the defining issues of our generation and the generation of children. Everyone should start by seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" and then learning more about what we can all do. The key is the term "sustainability"

For me... I am designing a new sustainable home that will use passive solar, PV solar, wind power, geo-thermal and wood heat, along with the most energy efficient lights and appliances I can find.

My latest design for home and design/recording studio

But I want to do more... I want to help others do the same. I have started a new company, called Sunapee Solar, that will help to educate on this subject and offer solutions that everyone can use.

more on this important issue as time goes on...

future goals...

to get a Hybrid or Electric car in a few years when the technology has matured a bit more... there is a lot of excitement in this area happening now

have my new home running mosty on renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydro, wood and geo-thermal

help others get energy independence, through education and example. I have started a new business called Sunapee Solar to help in this goal.

live on a sailboat part of the year in a warm climate :) and travel to cool places around the world :) Sailing is very sustainable :)




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